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Discover how you can earn more working abroad

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Work abroad with ease

Making the move to work abroad can seem daunting. Kappitaan aims to simplify this process by getting you ready for work abroad and helping you secure your offer letter through our platform. Created by experienced and passionate humans, we aim to help you start your new career and will guide you through your journey.

why work abroad?

Discover the benefits of working abroad

Higher income

Fact: the average nurse in Canada earns $12k (USD) more than an average nurse in India. This means working abroad can earn you a higher salary, so you and your family can experience a better quality of life.

Experience a new culture

Whether it be the Gold Coast of Australia or Rocky Mountains of Canada, working abroad is great way to experience a little adventure in your life, on top of gaining personal and professional growth.

You’re in high demand

The reality is, there is currently a shortage of healthcare professionals in developed countries. This means you are in high demand and there are a number of career opportunities available for you.

How it works

Secure your offer letter with Kappitaan

We’re more than just a simple recruiting platform. Here at Kappitaan, we partner with employers to provide you the best options and work closely with you to secure your offer letter. We’re here to get you ready for work abroad.

Get certified
Get certified

Get certified

Once you create an account, we’ll set you up with the proper courses and certifications for your dream job and destination.

Search for your job
Search for your job

Search for your job

Search from our selection of nursing and caregiver jobs through our portal.

Apply and secure your job
Apply and secure your job

Apply and secure your job

Use your profile to connect directly with employers to secure an interview. We’ll help you prepare for your interview and will guide you through building your resumè to secure your offer letter.

Fly and work abroad
Fly and work abroad

Fly and work abroad

Kappitaan is here to walk you through placement to make your transition as easy as possible.

we’re human-first
we’re human-first

Get immigration guidance from experienced humans, not robots

We understand the immigration process is not one-size-fits-all. That is why we’re making sure you get all the personalized help you need from compassionate humans that will be able to address your many different needs and concerns.

We’re here to help you succeed

Get placed with Kappitaan

Our platform is here to help you get on the right track to immigration by helping you secure your offer letter from employers. We’re here to ensure a smooth transition for you and your family.

Start today

You have the power to decide

Not sure where to move? We’re here to help! Choose from our list of countries to learn more about them.

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