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Hire fantastic clinicians from abroad!

The reality is:

Healthcare recruiters have a lot of work

6 million

more nurses will need to be hired to meet the global healthcare needs. Understaffed hospitals mean less quality of care for patients

82-90 days

is the average time it will take to hire a nurse. Through efficient processes and guidance we can ensure you won’t have experience any delays or setbacks

Hire with ease

Gain access to a large number of clinicians worldwide

From large hospital networks to private healthcare providers, we make hiring easy. Unlike your typical third-party agencies, our AI-powered platform eliminates tedious and unnecessary paperwork and phone calls. Using AI-powered candidate matching, we’ll quickly connect you to the right candidates - helping you save time and money.

Our features
Our features

Discover a new way to hire

Post jobs for free and get instant access to thousands of candidates from overseas

Save time & money with swift process and no recruiters in the middle

Get instant candidiate matches with our artificial intelligence-powered recruitment platform

Gain access to the most highly skilled candidates from overseas

Track your leads, applicants and hires - all in one single platform

Easily schedule and conduct interviews directly via Kappitaan

Gain insight with recruitment analytics & dashboards

How it works

Find great candidates with Kappitaan

We’re more than just a simple recruiting platform. Here at Kappitaan, we provide candidates with proper training and consultation to ensure you hire highly-skilled clinicians. You’ll gain access to thousands of profiles and can directly connect with Kappitaan-vetted candidates online.

Post a job for free
Post a job for free

Post a job for free

Post jobs with ease and get connected to our network of candidates from overseas.

AI-powered candidate matching
AI-powered candidate matching

AI-powered candidate matching

With our customer algorithms and platform, we match you with the best fit candidates.

Connect with candidates
Connect with candidates

Connect with candidates

Access multiple profiles of highly skilled nurses and caregivers and connect with them with ease.

Schedule interviews
Schedule interviews

Schedule interviews

Schedule and conduct interviews with our Kappitaan vetted candidates.

Why us?

Why choose Kappitaan

Kappitaan brings in quality candidates

We work to train candidates and provide consultation, ensuring you only hire the best

AI-powered candidate matching

With our algorithms, we’ll save you time by only matching you with the best fit candidates

Gain instant access to profiles

Quickly access multiple profiles of highly skilled nurses and caregivers - all online

Easily connect with candidates

Schedule and conduct interviews with our highly-skilled candidates - all through our platform

Find quality candidates

Get matched with our candidates

Whatever your hiring needs are, our platform is here to help match you to top candidates. We provide training to candidates, ensuring you get a selection of quality healthcare professionals.

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